Baby Love!

Who knew that an overcast day with rain running down every inch of the world would land me in a room with the most beautiful light.  I had such an amazing session with this new little bundle and her mom and dad.  Here are some ‘pieces’ for a little sneak peek! 


We Have Moved to Washington State!

Hi Friends. I know it has been too long!! We are now located in Issaquah, WA (suburb of Seattle).  I am still offering plenty of photography, silhouettes and silhouette jewelry!  Here are our happy faces in the Snoqualmie National Forrest! Yes, we are still Redskins fans; no we don’t usually get snow in Issaquah; yes we know our children are huge and growing like weeds! More new photos to come…so keep checking back!!

Thanksgiving Reunion

Through a friend, these gentlemen found us and arranged to have a photo done the day after Thanksgiving while they were all together for the holiday.  It was a super cold morning, and we learned these out-of-town guys come from much warmer climates.  We also learned that Dad had threatened time and again that they would do a family photo while they were all together.  Alas, gentlemen, dear ‘ol Dad held true to his promise.  We had a freezing cold, fun packed morning, and did more shots in 30 minutes then we thought possible.  These guys were a breath of fresh air; because, let’s be honest – three men could either be hysterical and fun and into taking some great family shots, or they could be really awkward, annoyed and totally over being up at 10am on their Friday off.  They were beyond a bucket of fun, and we hope they love their photos.  Some of these posted for their preview might be considered ‘outtakes’ or they may just be photos that legends are made of 🙂  Thanks guys!  Enjoy!



Their Whole Lives

Angie and I have known this little family their whole ‘lives’.  That is; we knew them before they were married, before baby #1 was born and we still know them through baby #2. We feel very blessed to know this family, not in a daily, best friend forever fashion, but in their most intimate moments.  The bridal suite, the first kiss, the party to follow (!), the first tiny baby in his first weeks, and the second beauty queen who followed when everything was blooming once upon a spring.  We have even photographed them with their pooches on their wedding day.  I mean really, how awesome is this?! So here are their most un-hilarious moments from our fall day together; because, although these are a few of cutest pictures, there were far more darling ‘real’ life moments that kept us on our toes, and, I am sure, keeps these babies’ parents running every day 🙂


Fall Snappy Sessions

This fall the weather has been giving us a run for our money!  Everyone has been so great in working with us to find non-windy / non-freezing / non-rainy days.  It has forced us to be creative and to use locations we would not have thought of!  We even utilized private porches in the drizzle – and you would never know!